Our company is built on technology and its performance.

We depend on it, embrace it, and push it. With proprietary technology we market, validate, and optimize our efforts.

Lead Exchange

Enhancing the Way Buyers and Sellers Do Business

Our goal was simple; to improve the web-based exchange between buyers and sellers while optimizing profitability for both. The simple goal was accomplished through building an online platform that focused on key components developed from lessons learned over the past 10 years of business.

  • Real-time Exchange
  • Real-time Customized Reporting
  • Real-time Lead Verification
  • Buyer/Seller Match
  • Customizable Lead Filtering and Optimization
  • Partner Screening

Storefront Lending Platform

Premier Lead Generation Management Technology

The Storefront Platform was developed after recognizing a real need from our Storefront Lending partners. They needed a solution that would allow them to purchase, distribute, and manage online leads throughout various brick-and-mortar locations in real-time. Our sister company, The LendTech Group developed the platform utilizing our expertise in the space and the critical input from our partners.

Fraud Detection

Online consumer transactional fraud eats up billions from businesses each year.
We have developed the following anti-fraud tools to help combat fraud.

IP Score
We maintain a comprehensive database of ip addresses which include up-to-date feedback from many online communities and organizations regarding ip reputation. Our proprietary scoring algorithms compute this information and provide scoring in real-time.

Proxy Detection
Our extensive database of proxy server ips receive regular updates regarding confirmed and suspected proxy server activity from many online communities and organizations. Real-time proxy server detection is available using this tool.

Device Score
All types of devices connected to the internet offer many data points that are crucial to the detection of online fraud. Our proprietary technology utilizes this information to determine traces of fraud.

Phone Verification

Cost-Effective Validation

Verifying an accurate phone number in real-time saves our clients time, money, and allows them to focus their best resources on real people. Intimate Interactive Advertising uses technology that doesn’t require the end-user to enter a pin or take an additional step.

Identifying - Is a phone number a landline, fax, voip or mobile?

Verifying - Can the phone number be contacted or is it a disconnected number?

Our proprietary phone validation technology pings multiple service provides in real-time, computes each response and the decision making engine determines the status of a phone number.

Email Marketing Platform

Data Monetization, Technology, and Compliance

An email marketing campaign can be simple if you have the right tools, knowledge, and technology. In order to achieve superior email marketing effectiveness, we’ve fused in-house and third-party technology with internal expertise. In-house processes insure that our technology continually evolves to match the ever-evolving world of email marketing.

We approach each email marketing campaign with simplicity and then add the complexity of understanding the user, ISPs, and performance analysis. Our technology and expertise help to assure deliverability.

Each day our technology improves as we incorporate lessons learned and in turn, due to our performance, our clients ask us to manage more and more data.

Exit Traffic Solutions

Monetizing Abandonments and Rescuing Marketing Dollars

Targeted marketing doesn’t always reach a client that’s ready to engage in your marketing message. How do you monetize a captured audience that’s not interested in your current offer? Our proprietary exit solution is our latest addition which presents the user offers based on their interests and historical performance. The solution helps boost revenue by monetizing decline, drop-off and abandonment traffic while reducing your marketing costs per user.

  • Custom build exit solutions pages with top performing user-based campaigns
  • Technology build on user activity and historical performance
  • Simple integration; forms which can be plugged into your website through an iframe or JavaScript
  • Real-time reporting

Responsive Design

Functional Goal Oriented Creative for Any Device

With the range of operating systems and devices constantly expanding, it’s important that your site or marketing creative reaches your target market in a clear strategic format.

Our development team has refined the perfect mix between code, technology and creative. We develop marketing materials and then go through the process of testing them on each format. On each format we review if the goal/strategy is being achieved and if not we redesign and optimize. We also develop based on experience, device owner habits and analytical lessons learned. How long does an iPhone user stay on a site? How far will a Samsung smartphone user scroll on a mobile site? How often does a blackberry user check their email?

Responsive design is a huge part of any marketing strategy and requires experience and technology in order to execute. Let us execute a campaign for you.