Convert your opt-in email data into exponential revenue.

Data Monetization

Capitalizing Data and Generating New Sources of Revenue

Targeted web marketing through internal data mining and analysis has exploded in recent years. The methods of monetizing targeted permission based data are continually changing. We’ve become experts in the shifting environment of monetizing data through many years of targeted, compliant, and engaging user-based email marketing campaigns.

Depending on your needs and data, we’ll craft the best email marketing strategy to generate revenue and keep users connected. Beyond the user we focus on technology, marketing materials, and deliverability.


Providing the Tools and Reporting Required for Targeted Mass Marketing

Our 10 plus years of experience in the world of web and email marketing has allowed us to create and source the right technology for the right marketing job. A well-crafted email marketing campaign will only be successful with a technology platform that delivers email creative on a targeted mass scale and that provides intuitive-flexible reporting.

We are continually building and improving our technology in order to provide our partners with a leading return on their database. As ISPs change, we change and do our best to stay ahead of the curve.

We work hard to match the right offers to your data, prevent churn from your database, and maintain the value of your data.


Email Marketing Compliance is a Moving Target We Strive to Always Hit

Our email marketing team are experts in email marketing compliance and standards. Besides following the CASL and CAM-SPAM Act, we are continuously monitoring and implementing best practices in email marketing compliance internally and for our data partners.

Many compliance features have been automated and put into effect through our technology and processes, from real-time list cleaning to ISP feedback loops. It starts with having the experience and technology and ends with the dedication to our partners and their users.