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You want to make the most amount of money possible with the time and traffic you have. Our team of dedicated professionals understands that. We help you achieve the greatest ROI on your time and traffic through our expertise, partnerships, and technology.

We’re an advertiser and agency of record for many advertisers. We understand that without traffic, we can’t engage users, that we can’t make money. We spend a lot of time testing and optimizing marketing materials per channel so they convert. Our technology allows us to measure user engagement and produce marketing materials that speak to our users.

Intimate Interactive Advertising’s reputation speaks for itself

We offer a stress-free partnership with on time payments, winning expertise, and the ultimate partner service. The Web changes quickly, we help our partners adapt quickly to those changes and keep their traffic producing revenue.

Our industry leading team, our technology, and our campaigns all come together with one focus, to help you make more money.